An Easy Solution for Skin Lesions, Skin Tags, and More

Lamprobe has become exceedingly popular and has earned The 2018 Day Spa Professional’s Choice Award. It treats may common minor skin conditions such as Telangiectasia, Cholesterol, Deposits, Milia, Cherry Angiomas, Spider Angiomas, Clogged Pores and Acne Lesions, Skin Tags, Fibromas, Acne Pimples, and Keratoses. Immediate results are seen just from a 3-5 second per lesion non-invasive treatment, using a high frequency and radiofrequency probe that does not penetrate the skin. It is effective on all skin types and all ethnicities. It is an exceptional add-on to any facial or resurfacing treatment.


What is Lamprobe?

The Lamprobe effectively treats a wide range of common minor skin conditions, non-invasively, with instantaneous results. Lamprobe treatments are extremely rapid (3-5 sec duration) and involve minimum client discomfort, without a need for anesthesia.

Benefits of Lamprobe include:

•Immediate results
•Rapid treatment time (3-5 seconds)
•Simple & easy to use
•Effectively treats a wide variety of common minor skin conditions
•Minimum client discomfort
•No anesthesia required
•Effective use on all skin types, from dark to light skins
•Suitable for sensitive skin, thinner skins, and aging skins

What is a Typical Treatment Like?

The Lamprobe works on the principle of liquids being attracted to heat, which is released by various sized probes. A high frequency, radio wave current is conducted and attracted to the liquids on the skin’s surface, or within the skin irregularity. This technology enables our Skin Management Experts™ to treat skin abnormalities without penetrating the skin’s surface.

Is There Any Downtime?

You will be able to resume normal activities the next day. You may experience slight redness, scabbing and a pinching sensation immediately following the treatment. These side effects are temporary and should subside within days. Scabs will heal within the skin’s normal healing time and some people may have scabs for over a week.

What Results Will I See?

Lamprobe can address and improve the following conditions:

•Telangiectasia- tiny red broken blood vessels
•Cholesterol Deposits- xanthomas are soft, flat and painless
•Milia- tiny white bumps underneath the skin
•Cherry Angiomas- small, raised, red lesions
•Spider Angiomas- Spider Nevus is a cluster of minute red blood vessels under the skin
•Clogged Pores- resistant inflamed breakouts or blackheads
•Skin Tags- benign painless growths attached to tiny stalks
•Fibromas- lesions made of soft or hard connective tissue
•Acne Pimples- inflammatory pustular breakouts
•Keratoses- noncancerous growth that appears waxy brown, black, or tan

Results of some cosmetic treatments with Lamprobe are instantaneous, while larger irregularities may need more than one treatment. Most are usually gone or faded within one to three treatments. You may receive another treatment after 2-4 weeks to ensure complete healing of the treated area.

Following any type of exfoliation, resurfacing treatment, or any facial, minor skin irregularities will become more visible. Lamprobe treatments can then be performed.

Am I a Candidate?

Men and women all of ages and ethnicities are eligible for Lamprobe treatments. We do not recommend Lamprobe for those who are pregnant, have skin infections, or contagious skin disorders.

What Will The Treatment Feel Like?

The Lamprobe treatment has been described as a slight pinching sensation on the treatment area. We have the expertise and experience to ensure the treatment is as comfortable as possible.