Nadia Barsamian

Founder | Holistic Facialist

Nadia is a holistic facialist with international education and training, and over 15 years of clinical and holistic skincare experience. Her expertise in facial rejuvenation massage techniques and eastern beauty therapies is highly sought after by her clients and celebrities alike. Her studies have led her to wellness and beauty hubs worldwide, such as London, Milan, Paris, New York, and Miami, where she has studied the sophisticated facial massage techniques and healing modalities of Kobido, Sculptural Face Lifting (SFL), Intra-oral Buccal Massage, Dien Chan Zone, Facial Gua Sha, Thai Herbal Poultice Massage, and more.


Galina Paraskevova

Holistic Skin Therapist

Growing up in Russia, everything was based on a holistic approach to wellness. Galina began her skincare journey as a means to remedy her own skincare concerns. A fervent interest in the field of wellness, specifically skin health and its correlation with hormones and gut health, and its profound impact on all of us, both internally and externally, emerged from this passion. She is dedicated to treating acne-prone skin and achieving natural facial rejuvenation.

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