About Us

Rediscover yourself in every visit

“In a world where societal standards often shadow our self-worth, remember this: you are inherently beautiful, unique, and enough just as you are.”

       – Nadia Barsamian

At Herbaluxe, we go a little deeper.

Ever settled into your couch after a long day, enveloped in the warmth of your favorite blanket and the aroma of an herbal tea? That’s the essence of a Herbaluxe facial.

More than just a skin enhancer, it’s a haven for your mind and body. During our consultations, we delve deeper than skin types — we want to understand you, to align our treatments with your personal journey.

It’s about giving you the opportunity to relax on a neurological level. 

“A deep sigh for your brain and body.”

It’s why we talk about your life in our consultation – not just your skin type. We want to know how you’re feeling, so we can use our time together to help you on your healing journey.”

Maybe you’ve tried it all – the traditional aesthetic clinics, or dermatologists, feeling disconnected. Our promise is simple: When you visit Herbaluxe, you will embrace your true self, find peace, and cherish the person you see in the mirror.

Herbaluxe | Organic Massage-focused Facials & Skin Therapies