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Herbaluxe | Organic Massage-focused Facials & Skin Therapies

just like nature intended

organic, massage-focused skincare


“Our mission is to provide you with a holistic, full-body approach to achieving the naturally beautiful and radiant skin you deserve through the use of natural products and non-invasive methods of skin therapies while cultivating the personal knowledge you need to maintain healthy vibrant skin.”

Massage-Focused Skincare

At Herbaluxe Organic Skincare we take a different approach to skincare. The effects of our facial therapies are not only seen externally, but more importantly, they are felt deep within.

Facial Gua Sha

Based on the ancient modality adapted from Traditional Chinese Medicine, facial Gua Sha involves slow relaxing stokes with a high-vibrational stones and is a beautiful alternative to fillers and Botox.

Italian Facial Reflexology

Also known as Dien Chan Zone, it uses stimulation of individualized zones on the face to promote boundless healing, helping rebalance organ systems, treat skin disorders and alleviate inflammation and pain throughout the body.