Dien Chan is a distinct, highly effective technique designed to promote boundless healing, helping rebalance organ systems, treat skin disorders and alleviate inflammation and pain throughout the body.

DIEN CHAN was founded in 1980 by Professor Bùi Quôc Châu of Hoi Chi Minh City (Saigon, Vietnam), it originated as a form of acupuncture and developed as a multi-reflexology utilizing the body’s natural reflex-nerve and meridian systems. 

A typical treatment consists of facial massage whereby pressure is applied according to more than 30 well-established reflex maps and over 600 points on the face. It can offer relief to those suffering interior disharmonies and bodily pains whether acute or chronic in nature.

Beatrice Moricoli, co-founder of the International Academy of Italian Facial Reflexology in Milan, westernized the technique, guiding its evolution into the personal medicine it is today, Dien Chan Zone®.

Now practiced for over 30 years in medical and rehabilitation environments, it has drawn recognition as the most rapid and effective therapeutic technique in over 35 countries.


The face reflects every kind of pain aones in the body; thus, it provides a reflexology zone of the highest order.

Working in nd presents all of the reflex zproximity to the brain and sense organs allows reflex systems to mobilize more quickly than other reflexologies. Moreover, the number of points and maps greatly exceed that of other techniques.

Most importantly, the SIRFA method offers greater freedom to the therapist and recipient; by teaching zones and selected points it can be learned and performed more readily. Therapists can then direct their recipients to continue the work at home using rounded objects or their own fingers. This encourages people to become aware of their own health and to intervene at the first sign of illness.

It leaves us free to act at any time, in any place and with our own hands. It is a truly potent and empowering technique.

Beneficial for ailments such as:

Sinus problems
Neck and back pain
Digestive problems
Circulatory issues
Migraines and headaches
Panic attacks and anxiety
Menstrual pains, hormonal and fertility issues
Water retention, cellulite and heavy legs
Muscle and joint aches e.g. cramps, lumbago, sciatica
And so many more…


  • Before the session begins, we will consult together to establish any imbalances in the body. This allows us to personalize your treatment and optimize the benefits.
  • The treatment begins with an exploration of Specific zones on the face. by delicately Awakening smaller points within the zones using a smooth rounded tool.
  • Areas of disharmony may be recognized through redness or firmness of your skin and also through subtle changes within your body language. We can relieve blockages in a specific organ system directly through facial reflexology.
  • You may begin to feel extremely relaxed, achieve a meditative state or reach a point of slumber. It is normal to feel slight sensations throughout the body.

After your session you will be given a copy of your personalized map to take home and practice daily self-healing for 21 days. A break of 7 days is then required. Your personalized map is a powerful tool that will allow you to maintain balance within your body and preserve a healthy complexion.


Dien Chan Zone® sessions can be booked alone or paired with any skincare treatment. 

In the case of pairing with a facial treatment, the Dien Chan Zone® session will be administered AFTER the facial.

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